Тема: No english server but what if?
des13 24.06.2016 в 20:22
Ok this might have come up earlier about english servers and all which is not possible legally if the ones that replied to the threads I saw were mods. Therefore I would like to suggest a "english tool" which would translate the game which certainly would be a 3rd party tool also that way ninjawars will not be responsible for their actions which makes the law not apply there or is that not possible? I love this game which is why I came back even though its in russian also russians are awesome :)
demurechan 25.06.2016 в 08:37
if you have money to pay a programmer for that work go ahead!
i don't think administration can afford it.
des13 25.06.2016 в 20:16
well first of all the translation is not the problem then the programming could be done by even me the question is if the will allow it also to remind you this game used to be in english aswell which makes me wonder if this server is translated from that language or chinese aka you have the translation just need to program it into a tool.
wasdkill 07.07.2016 в 06:52
what program can make anything in to english language pls
yomadara 10.09.2016 в 15:17
pls make it english again so manny people all over the world would like to play it if it is in english
starter971 26.10.2016 в 13:16
Russian is too difficult to understand. I'm bilingual (French and English) so pls i can not learn an other language just for a game :/.

ps : I love pockie ninja like a lot of poeple.
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