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KamuiMasao 29.10.2016 в 06:45
For gold users, I want to know where to get exp bags where i can use gold to purchase, where I can get purify stones for both pet and outfits ! I also want to know where I can get certain outfits, and some guides for these outfits, events, and also what can be used with gold to get them. I want to also want to know about silver, how to get it, where to get it, when to get it, and what i can use it for ?

thank you
demurechan 29.10.2016 в 12:57
So many questions xD
Exp bags.... Well you can buy some from Mystery Merchan (MM) but i think he has limits to sell things like 5 items per hour so you can't get much exp for gold :)
Purify stones are in Konoha boutique and Silver shop.
You can buy outfits at shop mall using both coupons and gold, also at Silver shop.
Now about silver. Silver is event currency. That mean that you can get silver for completing event's tasks. Every event i post here: ссылка
Here's Silver shop: ссылка you can also get in there buy clicking Магазин icon with surikens and kunais
KamuiMasao 30.10.2016 в 07:21
Thank you got answering my questions ! I also wanted to ask if there is a page where it translates or states everything is being sold in the market where you can buy stuff with coupons and gold ! Will be super helpful cause there is so much google translate can do !
demurechan 30.10.2016 в 09:18
Send me a screenshot of what you interested in and i'll tell you what is it.
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