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Okay i know no one’s gonna see this but, anyway
Okay let’s start the SPEEDY CHAKRA EATER BUILD
Recommended characters (in order of best choice):
-Edo Tensei Orochimaru (16/11/6)
-Kabuto (14/9/9)
- Yonko Nico Robin (15/10/6)
-Espada Nº 8 (8/10/8)
- Bankai Orihime (14/11/8)

Now... Why these outfits as choice?
They got a nice Stamina and Agility BMW who is the core of this build, and they got nice releases, like HEALING, illusion and taijutsu releases.
Have others outfits with better BMV’s but these got the best releases for this build

All villages looks nice for this build but I prefer:
-Wind, Earth and Water

Chakra Eater primary stats:
Stamina, Agility, Defense

Chakra Eater secondary stats:
Hit, Constitution and Dodge as option


-With reshape you can add defense more +15% HP
-All tailed beast auras looks good

- Good for low defense chakra eaters
- Tailed beast auras

-Nice shield/buff breaker, and add chakra eating

-8 Tails
-Nice for median damage chakra eaters, add hp and chakra eating

-The best choice, eats chakra and hp
-Nice aura, recovery before death gives Speed and Attack damage

Skill Build

-Chakra Blade
Core skill, Reduce enemy chakra by 15% of your max hp, as a Chakra eater you'll got a lot of Hp so, no problem

-Creation Rebirth
Nice for Kabuto, Edo tensei Orochimaru and Bankai Orihime

-Pre Healing Jutsu
The more hp, the better!

-Substitution Technique , Mud Wall or Prayer
- Subs or Mudwall only if you got Illusion/Earth Release or if you are from Earth Village
-Prayer is a nice choice (plus if you got jinchuriki as aura, you can trigger 2 prayers)

-Mist hide or Great Mud River
-Mist Hide is Nice for Manda users or high Hp+Def users
-Great Mud River is the best choice for Quickstep or really, really speedy users
Death Mirage Jutsu
-Core skill remove hp and chakra as %

Tailed Beast Heart, Quickstep or Dead Consuming Seal
-The first remove buffs
-Quickstep is nice for triggering more debuffs
-Dead Consuming Seal remove enemy’s attack and heal power

Eight Trigram Palm
-The best choice, revive? No way!

Puppet, Giant Waterfall, Great Strength or Earth Prison
-additional debuffs

Mystical palm technique
-Bonus healing, nice for Kabuto, Bankai Orihime and Edo Tensei Orochimaru

The Eight Inner Gates Released
-I think this can be a core in a taijutsu or high speed build

Choose bloodlines with releases you'll need
(ex: if you aren’t using a Healing release outfit, you can pick Tsunade and 3R Hokage bloodlines, you'll get 10% Healing release)

Well, byeeee
Sorry for my bad english
demurechan 01.01.2017 в 16:11
I'm glad someone did a guide but dude, it needs to be completed.
First, there're much better outfits for speedy-chakraeater, like Yachiru in swimsuit (x 9 7), Espada #2 Barragan (not that speedy but will have MUCH more chakra and health).
Release means NOTHIGN! The only thing you should look when choosing outfit is BMVs.
Villages doesn't matter much too.
Pets, well i have no experience playing chakra-eater but i'll add my word.
The only pet that will fit chakra eater is Manda in my opinion and it doesn't eat enemy's chakra, just hp. And Manda's auras (as every other spirit pet auras) aren't working.
About stats, as speedy-chakra eater all you need is high speed, def, max. chakra and, maybe, constitution and block.
Skill build. I always use next skills in my skillbuild when playing whatever class:
CB, GS, Revive.
CB - prevents enemy from moving, deal x2 dmg.
GS - stuns enemy so you receive less damage and if you kill an enemy while he's stunned he won't revive (works GREAT with death mirage jutsu especially against enemies who have more speed than you).
Summarizing, skills that you must have as chakra-eater (imo) are:
CB, GS, Revive, Chakra blade, DMG and Pre-healing jutsu (or if you have rinnegan or hado n.90 replace Pre-healing jutsu with one of them)
Ofcourse skills must depend on your enemy, like if your enemy is a dodger CB or GS won't help you at all.
TortaBobba 02.01.2017 в 02:43
I swear that nobody would comment!
First, thanks for the comment <3

I did not know that about the Pet auras and the releases. I don't much about this new updates because i was a Pockie Ninja player (sooo many time :/)

The stun from GS/Giant Waterfall + DMJ/Manda Debuff works well, removing the rest of HP and chakra.

I like the releases because i can trigger Revive, and trigger Chakra blade in the 1st turn, this is good for high hp oufits like Barrangan/Edo-Orochimaru but i don't know if releases works on this version of pockie ninja :/

About the default skills i use: Revive, CB, DMJ, Giant Waterfall (i really think is better than GS, more safe), Pre Healing, ETP.
Because the of the low damage manda looks REALLY the only/best choice, but i like to put some options for skill/pet because the build is really personal.
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