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Thesaurus with the game items ссылка
First - picture
Second - english
Third - russian (exact name)
Greed527 05.03.2015 в 01:18
Right now I'm working on the translation, not in the game, over many aspects of the game
BubblesNShark 06.03.2015 в 09:38
Thanks you a lot Модератор i really hope and wish to play on english version i really love this game n.n , greetings
Gin_358873 19.06.2015 в 10:32
Anyone here know english ?
nepphi 26.06.2015 в 02:48
Anyone here know english ?

... definetly
wimbledon 26.06.2015 в 15:41
Anyone here know english ?

strange question.
konfan2 27.06.2015 в 20:42
it's the english support section so ofc we know english ;)
kdeyx 01.07.2015 в 18:23
The game not being in english frustrates me, but i know a surefire yet tedious way to translate what u really need to. You will need to open this url: ссылка then u will need to open the game and google translate. Now as you can probably guess, all u do is look at the russian characters in the game, click them on the russian keyboard page (take not of upper and lower case, as just like english, the first letter in title/sentence always capital etc.). Once you have the characters on the russian keyboard, copy and paste into google translate and u have usable translation.

I was thinking of just memorizing the Russian alphabet characters and their corresponding english ones, which would make it much easier to just type like usual into google translate.
LazyBliss 23.08.2015 в 10:44
If you have smart phones you can just use the google translate apps "scan" feature.
84896825 03.09.2015 в 05:08
Hello everyone, I am a Chinese.
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