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bossing615 26.03.2016 в 00:21
Should there be other languages such as English support, I don't understand a thing russian says, and i guartee you will have much more players if you gave options for other language support. How will you have a forum with English support but not have it in game?

Should there be a option to change lanuages?
Maдaра 29.04.2016 в 23:50
Слишком сложно в плане реализации
Snakegirl13 31.05.2016 в 03:03
Too complicated??? how??? i would LOVE to know how hard it'd be to go through the game text and translate it. They took down the original game "Pockie Ninja" and i find this which is as close as i could get to it. HECK even i'd volunteer to translate the game text if given permission just copy and paste it all on google translate.
Greed527 02.06.2016 в 09:51
Sorry, but no
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