Тема: Lost Nagato outfit + The Great Bird pet
bamboo1606 31.07.2018 в 15:05
Hi Mod, Hi Immort, Hi tw1x,

I charge total 7000 gold to get all gift.
I have the failed on Nagato outfit+0 and The Great Bird pet+0
I synthetic as formula
Nagato + blue stone + blue stone, but failed, and i lost it :(
The great bird pet + red stone + red stone, but failed, and i also lost it :(
i hope you have a look and help me to restore/backup my outfit + pet
i am a newbie, so maybe i have the mistake
but i have a right sythetic, and wonder why i failed.
may you have a checking and help for this problem?
thank you in advane
my name in game: βล♏ɮҩҩ

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