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Дату и символику НВ можно просто налепить фоторедактором? Или нужно именно в руках держать символику и дату?
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1. duyanh0097@gmail.com
2. Boboker
3. v1
4. My first kiss story
I met her that year,when I was 20 years old and she 18. I and she worked at that place.I noticed her because of that smile. I remember that time, when she worked with me.I just took the courage to come and talk( Ah ...We know each other like that ).
Go to work together, go out together, then time passes we date.The first official date after nearly a month of flirting.She wears a cream pants with a pokemon face pattern,she loose hair on her shoulders,add some jewelry accessories to add personality, she looks like a hot girl.And me, simple with a jeans pullover, my hands with a watch that has not touched for a long time.So the dating starts.
I praised her"WOW You look so cute!".
she:"normally i'm ugly?"
me:"No, Normally beautiful, this is twice as beautiful"
Then we went to the cinema,later we went to eat somewhere in Hoan Kiem Lake ,and finally we walked around there.
I brought her home.In front of her house,I took all the courage to kiss her.That was my first kiss.Then her face turned red. At that time, She looks so beautiful.

5.We have been dating for 2 years.

Thanks for reading.
p/s: Sorry,my English vocabulary is a bit poor.
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Когда награду выдадут?
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вы хотя бы напишите когда
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Когда награду выдадут?
Спустя 1-2 недели после окончания конкурса
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Всё с тем же вопросом - Когда награду выдадут?
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