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It's probably asked a hundred times before but is it possible to translate the ingame text itself considering it's a flash game to english, this means not to make the game you currently have itself into an english version it would hold its russian aspect but there would be an addon option for players to use that don't speak russian?

I've looked at various translator addons online none of them are capable of actually translating the ingame text properly and doing it manually every single day step by step would be too ridiculous.

I believe from doing some quick research most flash games have specific extensions for their text like for example a suggestion online such as this one :
"Changing the text won’t be insanely difficult if you can find that good decompiler. Assuming you have Adobe Flash, you can check all the graphical assets for any text and change those (I don’t know how to work this with anything else, including flash develop but I heard you can download an IDE for it). Text that's programmatically created, which if the game is good will have a lot of, you will have to delve into all of the .as files to find. Maybe ctrl + F to open a search box, and search for “string” and “text” that should find most if not all of it. Also, some programs keep programming in the main timeline, this is very bad practice but if your having trouble finding the text, you may want to look there.

This is somewhat legal (I think) to do for your own entertainment, but it is very illegal to change the text and upload it as if it is your own."

I believe this make some logical sense right, instead of just asking i was also trying to actually maybe provide some help on how to do it unlike other people bitching why you won't due it which is obviously because of legal reasons.
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