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Tonight, not only the stars came together, but also the dark forces, accumulating for a long time in another dimension. One creature with a mental wound committed a terrible crime: it killed a best friend. Streams of energy with the death cry of the slain rushed to heaven, resulting in a crevice, from which unknown creatures began to appear, and seemingly terrible creatures.

Only the brave can decide to save the world and sacrifice himself if necessary!

Date of the event: from 13:01 09/13/2019 to 15:59 09/09/2019

statistic: ссылка

Remove the curse 3 times

150 silver
Normal Wallgall Crystal, 200 pcs
Lucky Gem, 166 pcs
Craft beer, 2 pcs.

Remove the curse 9 times

350 silver
Empty item gem +9, 1 pc
Deadwood Gauze, 1 pc
Set Kage gain scroll up to 121-141 levels, 2 pcs.
Sword Kirito, 10 pcs.

Throw 666 Demon Goals

100 silver
Jar with dark red family values, 100 pcs.
Plain red package, 5 pcs.
Superior black crystal experience, 3 pcs

Throw 666 Demon Blood

150 silver
Medium Beans, 12 pcs
Spirit Stones, 300 pcs
Dark gold jug, 100 pcs

Throw 166 demon hearts

200 silver
Jug with pink family values, 66 pcs.
Plump red package, 6 pcs.
66 x3 multiplier in a boutique

Throw 66 Demon Soul Gems

300 silver
Bag with 700,000 experience, 26 pcs.
Scroll of Mayuri and Urahara sets gain up to 121-141 levels, 2 pcs.
X5 multiplier in a boutique, 66 pcs.

Defeat the bloody dragon of the first form, 266 times

100 silver
Tsunade Concentrated Potion, 6 pcs
Random stone of level 9 spell of the gods, 1 pc.
Spirit of Yggdrasil, 2 pcs

Defeat the bloody dragon of the second form, 166 times

200 silver
Soul Seek Feather, 1 pc
Soul Blade, 3 pcs
Set of random perfect wings, 1 pc.

Sell ​​Blackbeard card, 6 pcs.

100 silver
Test Scroll, 66 pcs.
Lollipop, 266 pcs
Demon Suppression Mark, 266 pcs

Sell ​​Madara card, 16 pcs.

100 silver
Kakashi Notebook, 25 pcs
The talisman of good luck. Grade B, 6 pcs.
Soul Particle XI Chest, 3 pcs
Passage to the abyss 106, 3 pcs
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